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The perfect front porch installation

A comprehensive service, built with you in mind

The Window & Door Centre specialises in designing and fitting porches to suit every style of your home. Couple this with our expert knowledge of doors and glazing, and you can rest assured that you are receiving a perfect porch that makes your home more welcoming, secure and energy efficient.

Porch personalisation 

When it comes to your porch, there is a lot to decide on in terms of materials, looks and specification. You may want to familiarise yourself with our various door types.

It will also be worth having a look through some of the window designs we have to offer in order to really add that personal touch to your porch. If you’re concerned about energy efficiency, our double glazed and triple glazed glass options can enhance your new home improvement.
Recently, our services were featured on the Wonder World Space magazine as the best porch personalisation services provider.

Porch designs